fredag den 11. november 2016

Flot velkomsthilsen til Odder Shotokan Karate Do-Kai

Nedenstående er hentet fra Karateklubbens Facebookside:

WTKO International Affiliate Announcement:

On behalf of the WTKO Executive Committee I am pleased to announce the recent affiliation of Odder Shotokan Karate Do-Kai.

Odder Shotokan Karate Do-Kai was established in 1989 with ambitions to promote and practice Traditional Shotokan Karate. 

Odder Shotokan Karate is headed by the Chief Instructor Sensei Jan Eriksen, 4th Dan who has continually trained in Shotokan Karate since 1986 (30 years) and has been a member of Odder Shotokan Karate since 1989. Over the years Sensei Eriksen has trained with a number of world class instructors to continually improve his personal Karate.

The Chaiman of the Board in Odder Shotokan Karate and Senior Instructor is Sensei Christian Eriksen, 3rd Dan who has also continually trained in Shotokan Karate since an early age.

Odder Shotokan Karate is a club consists of members of all ages and abilities and plays an important role in the local community. The focal point of Odder Shotokan Karate has always been to promote the ideals of the Dojo-Kun and to constantly strive towards the highest of standards in training and attitude.

There has already been much discussion with the senior members of Odder Shotokan Karate on promoting and building WTKO Denmark with several annual events and hosting senior WTKO Instructors.

Scott Middleton
WTKO General Secretary

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